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Course description

What will you learn:

  • We will teach you how to use GGIR in line with the standard GGIR training, but focus strongly on the aspects relevant to you.
  • This may include (but it is not limited to):
    • Discuss the analysis plan for your dataset.
    • Review your R scripts.
    • Explanation of specific GGIR algorithms that might be of your interest.

For who:

  • Any group interested in using GGIR to process wearable accelerometer data.
  • Basic R knowledge are advisable. If you have used R before please check whether your knowledge is sufficient by going through our short R tutorial (approximately 15 minutes). If you have never used R before we advise you to book a seat on our R essentials when working with GGIR course.
  • If you plan to invite you colleagues to this call then please be aware that the private training is most efficient if participants work on the same GGIR use cases, which allows for a better focus in both training and discussions.


  • A computer (macOS, Windows, Linux) with at least 5GB space to store files and process data. We are not using cloud services because we think it is important that you directly familiarise yourself with using GGIR on your own computer.
  • Installed version of R and RStudio.

Suggestions (not required):

  • Working with two screens can be beneficial to follow the course on one screen and to try out GGIR on the other screen.
  • Although we will provide example data, it can be helpful to also prepare a sample of your own research data.


The payment process is explained in the GGIR training overview page.


Do you have questions about the training or the booking process? Do not hesitate to contact us via:

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Course description