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Data Quality in German National Health Cohort

Friday,  June 12, 2020

Accelerometer data in NAKO

The German National Health Cohort (NAKO) has collected high resolution accelerometer data in a large sample of the German population. After visiting the study centre, the study participant wears the accelerometer on their hip for the next seven days.

Data quality assessment

The University of Regensburg, which is one of the 18 study centres, has asked me to help build and implement a data quality assessment pipeline. It is expected that R package GGIR will provide most of the required functionality. In this project I will closely work with Prof. Dr. Leitzmann’s group to implement GGIR. Also, I will develop new functionalities needed for this specific data set. Another aspect of this project is to educate project partners about accelerometer data analysis. Further, we will create detailed documentation of the data collection and data quality assessment process.

Status and next steps

As a result of COVID-19 we started the project digitally. Nonetheless, we are expecting to perform a first pilot analysis in the upcoming months. Data quality and processing decisions can have major impact on the research done with it. Therefore, we will seek consensus with other experts in the field.

Data Quality in German National Health Cohort
Photo: by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash